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Business Analysis as a critical sucess factor

For our clients, consistent delivery of change projects is key in order to survive in their highly competitive market and gain additional market share. In addition to market-leading business segments and a flexible IT environment, this requires another factor whose contribution to overall success is often underestimated: business analysis.

Business analysts bridge the gap between business-driven concepts and ideas on the one hand and the implementation capacity of the IT teams on the other. They structure, specify, and design the solutions in ways that make sense to both business and technical specialists. In addition, they help prioritize requirements, optimizing for business impact. 

In this way, requirements can be implemented faster and with substantially higher likelyhood of success, and they can also be adapted more flexibly in the future. In our experience, the use of dedicated and methodologically trained analysts can shorten implementation time by up to a third.

The Challenge

While our clients are well aware of the contribution business analysis typically brings, it is often difficult to develop the necessary skills.

In addition to a detailed understanding of the client's business model, necessary technical skills as well as an understanding of the respective project approach, analytical methods in particular must be trained and developed. Whether it is the definition of user stories or the description of use cases, modeling business processes or documentation of data requirements - there are tried and tested standard techniques for all of these tasks. 

However, developing these skills and techniques requires effort and therefore often ties up scarce resources even further.

Our Solution

Based on our many years of project experience, we have developed an in-house training program for business analysts at GRCO, which we also offer to our clients in the form of customer-specific training courses and seminars. New analysts can therefore easily and efficiently be introduced to essential methods and techniques in business analysis through a two to three-day training course.

Our training program covers the following topics:

  • Project management methodology
    • Phases of a typical waterfall project
    • Agile methodologies, such as Scrum
    • The role of business analysts in waterfall and agile projects
    • Typical artefacts, such as Business Requirments Documents
  • Functional specification and design
    • Definition of value chains
    • Business process modelling using BPMN
    • Description of Epics and User Stories
    • Modelling and documentation of Use Cases based on UML
    • Modelling data requirements using UML Class Models and File Specificaitons
    • Building an UML component model to describe the overall solution
  • Day-to-day tasks in project management
    • Preparing a project profile, e.g., using a Project Canvas template
    • Maintaining milestone plans
    • Mananing tasks, issues, risk and decision requirements
    • Budget tracking

Through such a boot camp, we can provide prospective business analysts with a comprehensive and practical toolkit in a very short time. Our client's resources are spared, and new resources can be onboarded faster than ever before.

Tailor-made courses

We can arrange for our training courses to be held either on-site or remotely. And we can integrate the client's tool and methodologies into the curriculum as required.

Depending on the client-specific elements and the extent to which project management topics are addressed, such a course requires two or three days of training.

If required, we are also available to support the graduates of our boot camp when it comes to questions about the application of the techniques discussed. building a bridge between the training course and corporate reality. 

Our Support

The objective of our bootcamp is to enable companies to carry out essential analytical activities by themselves and, especially, to specify requirements and to design solutions independently of external forces.

But of course, we remain available as consultants as well, especially if our combination of technical expertise and methodical analysis is required to supplement in-house resources . Incidentally, a common methodological understanding also helps us to support our clients faster and more efficiently.

Über Uns

Gutmark, Radtke & Company (GRCO) is a management consulting firm specializing in the financial services sector. Founded in 2001, we support our clients throughout Europe in the implementation of complex projects, particularly in the lending business and in risk management. One of the most important parts of our work is the analysis, specification and design of technical requirements and solutions, particularly in the risk management space. 

For more information about our Business Analysis Bootcamp, our company or how we can support you in setting up a powerful business analysis function, please feel free to contact Hans Radtke at any time.